Plan 78

Who are the people behind plan78?



Tailor-made animation since 2006.

Here at plan78, we focus on character animation. We believe that the reason why people still watch classic movies like 1937’s “Snow White” is because the characters are so believable. There is something in the way Snow White and especially the dwarfs move and react that makes the audience forget they consist of a series of inanimate drawings.  Something can look beautiful or realistic, but still feel unreal. This is where strong character animation comes in. Once we fully understand the client’s desires, we start with creating a believable character. We try to understand who it is we are creating. When we know the character, we also know how it should look and move. Then we give it a look or style that fits the brand or movie it’s designed for.

Since it was founded in 2006, plan78 has always aimed toward creating high quality tailor-made animations with a distinct visual style. “Less is more” is a commonly used phrase, but at our studio we absolutely live by that rule. We keep it simple and put the detail where it needs to be.


Our past work includes music videos, commercials, company movies, independent animated shorts, instructional animations, album covers and illustrations for many different purposes.


Have a look at our work page for an impression of the visual style of plan78. If you would like to request a quote, just contact us by phone, email or ring our doorbell. We’ll be happy to enclose a graphic style proposal or an idea to give you a clear view of how we can be of service.

How it started

The company started in 2006 after we (Bram & Reinout) worked on a project together. We both had the feeling that our collaboration went so well, it would be a shame to only do it once. Also, we didn’t have a job when the project ended, so it seemed logical to create our own. It all evolved very organically and we dove in head first. The passion for animation was too strong to be kept in a box. So we opened up the box and founded plan78.

Who we are

We’re the guys who were always drawing in the back during math or chemistry class.

We’re the guys who were often late for dates because we lost track of time trying something new in 3D. Plan78 is basically two nerds with a great passion for character animation, design and composition. We want to make pure and strong animation with a timeless look. That’s who we are.

How we work

Animation is a slow and tedious process. Our goal with every project is to keep the client informed and as close to the project as possible. This way we can make changes at any given time in the project. We don’t hand you a finished product and call it perfect. We know you trust us in what we do, but we still want you to be there with us every step of the way, making sure we deliver something we are both happy about.

People working at Plan-78

Bram Van Rompaey

Founder and designer

Reinout Swinnen

Founder and animator